What are the best Ray Ban sunglasses

Just what are the best Ray Ban sunglasses to wear?

There’s no denying that Ray Ban is one of the most famous brand of designer sunglasses in the world, and at Designer Sunnies we’re certainly big fans. With iconic styles such as the Aviator and Wayfarer, this classic designer sunglasses brand certainly sets the trend – but which are the best Ray Ban sunglasses for you? Here, we take a look at the history of this legendary designer sunnies company and explore some of their most well known sun glasses styles to help you decide which pair you should add to your collection!


History of the Ray Ban sunglasses brand

Bausch & Lomb were the original parent company of Ray Ban, and can trace their roots back to Rochester, New York, in 1853. At the time, the company was known for its monocles, microscopes and binoculars, but they decided to expand into sunglasses production in the 1930s.

The Ray Ban brand was created in 1937, after US Air Force pilots reported that the glare of the sun was affecting their ability to fly airplanes. As a result, the company designed some sunglasses with green lenses which would help reduce the blue and white hues of the sky, and therefore give the pilots better visibility – it was then that this iconic brand and their first pair of Aviator sunglasses was born!

With a history spanning eight decades, Ray Ban have gone on to become undoubtedly one of the most famous designer sunglasses brands in the world, with a range of styles for both men and women.


What celebrities have been spotted wearing Ray Ban sunglasses?

Over the years, Ray Ban have continued to play a large role in modern popular culture and have established a large celebrity following as a result. For example, a classic pair of black Wayfarer sunglasses have been worn by legends such as Michael Jackson and James Dean, and Audrey Hepburn even wore a pair in 1961 for Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

And who could forget Tom Cruise wearing a classic pair of Ray Ban Aviators as a fighter pilot in Top Gun in 1986?

Fast forward to today, and celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Johnny Depp, Julia Roberts, Jennifer Aniston and Beyonce have all been spotted wearing the iconic Wayfarer and Aviator styles of Ray Ban sunglasses, proving that they are two styles that will never go out of fashion!


A look at the most popular style of Ray Ban sunglasses


The RB2140 is the original style of Wayfarer, with black frame and grey lenses. This recognisable style is a true classic, and they have been manufactured since 1956.


As we mentioned in our previous blog post about Matthew McConaughey wearing Aviator sunglasses in the film Gold, the RB3025 is the original classic pair of Aviators, available in gold coloured frames with the famous natural green lenses.


The Ray Ban Clubmaster provides sunglasses fans with the best of both worlds – the combination of a Wayfarer and Aviator in one! These 50’s inspired retro sunglasses come in a range of styles, such as the classic RB3016 with tortoise frame.

Round and Rectangle

As the Ray Ban brand of sunglasses has evolved, so has the number of sunglasses styles that it makes. Take its round style of frames such as the RB2180, a modern take on the classic Wayfarer, or the RB3445 with rectangle frame – a unique and stylish take on the Aviator.


What better way to stand out from the crowd and sport a classic look at the same time than by rocking a pair of mirrored Ray Ban sunglasses? Available in several lense colours such as blue and orange, think the RB3541, or the RB4250 in a quirky cat eye style.


What are the best Ray Ban sunglasses for you?

Now that you’ve found out more about some of the most popular styles of Ray Ban sunglasses, which style is best for particular activities?


When it comes to driving, you need a pair of sunglasses that can let enough light into your eyes and won’t impair your visibility – you need to be able to see the road clearly. Wearing oversized sunglasses while driving can reduce your peripheral vision, and in terms of lenses you should look for those in a polarised style to reduce glare.  With that in mind, the Ray Ban RB3025 Aviator are the perfect style for driving, with their thin frames and flat profile.


If you love sunbathing on holiday, then you need a pair of sunglasses that will properly protect your eyes and reduce the risk of any lasting damage from UVA and UVB rays. Oversized and wraparound frames will also help to protect the soft tissue around your eyes, and polarised lenses can help reduce the glare of the sun. Our top picks for the best Ray Ban sunglasses to wear while sunbathing are the trendy RB4101 Jackie Ohh, or the RB4147 Highstreet.

Every day wear

When it comes to every day wear, you should look for a pair of sunglasses that will complement your outfit best and fit your mood. For example, do you want to look classic and chic, or trendy and cool? As Ray Ban is such a well established designer sunglasses brand, they have created a range of styles over the years to suit all tastes and preferences. As well as the iconic Aviator and Wayfarer styles, RB4174 Erika Classic and RB4227 are both great examples of styles that will certainly complete your outfit, whatever look you have decided to go for!


If you’re a fan of fishing, then you’ll know that a good pair of sunglasses is essential for protecting your eyes against the glare of the sun against the water. As a result, you need to make sure that you choose frames with polarised lenses – and if you’d like to get a pair of Ran Bans to wear on your next fishing trip, then RB4228 or RB2132 would both be great choices!


If you feel inspired to own a pair of classic Ray Ban sunglasses for yourself, then you have come to the right place. At Designer Sunnies we stock a wide range of Ray Ban designer sunglasses, including the popular Aviator and Wayfarer styles. Visit our online sunglasses shop to buy a new pair for yourself today!

Do you already own a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses? Which style of this famous brand of designer sunglasses is your favourite, and which would you like to own next? We’d love to know, so join in the conversation by leaving your comments below.