Paul wellers Prada sunglasses

As it sometimes happens, celebrities joined for a good cause, giving away their sunglasses. Indeed, 17 celebrities have donated their sunglasses to the Sightsavers charity Specs Appeal. That includes Liam Gallagher, Kate Moss, Sarah Jessica Parker, Emma Watson and Paul Weller. The charity auction was live and running until the 13th of August 2017, with hopes that the star sunglasses will help to raise thousands of pounds to eradicate blindness worldwide. Their Specs Appeal auction will help to pay for cataract operations, eye tests and desperately needed eye surgery. So if ever you want to get your favourite celebrity sunglasses; keep an eye out for the auctions.


Our Favourite Celebrity Sunglasses

For many of us, the most wanted sunglasses probably were Liam Gallagher’s iconic John Lennon-style orange-tinted shades. Indeed, the rocker has been sporting the sunglasses on many occasions and they are a definite must have for most Oasis fans.

But we can also notice some great sunglasses from other stars. Indeed, Paul Weller (ex-leader of The Jam) gave away his beautiful Prada Teddy 58OS blue sunglasses. Emma Watson also gave away her feminine and trendy Miu Miu 02SS sunglasses. Brown and purple with a very original frame, they will definitely bring Emma’s Beauty look to you. Other great additions include Ella Eyre’s classic Ray-Ban Clubmaster, Charlie Cox’s (Daredevil) Oakley Sliver sunglasses and Annie Lennox’s (from Eurythmics) Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses.

Our Favourite Celebrity Sunglasses

A little more about the auction

Bill Nighy, who was also part of the auction, joined a handwritten note to accompany his Clubmaster-style specs. The note said: “These glasses were worn in ‘The Girl in the Café’, one of my favourite films. They have special powers beyond just allowing you to see where you’re going”. Charlotte Crosby (from Geordie Shore), also donated a pair of aviator sunglasses, with a note that said: “I take my sight for granted. The loss of it is unimaginable. For that reason I am supporting the amazing work Sightsavers are doing in countries like Nigeria.”

If so many people responded to the charity, it is because they raise a very important issue. Indeed, the money raised from the auction could help the millions of people in developing countries who need glasses. And lacking ophthalmologists, equipment or simply money often means they cannot get the help they need.

Prada sunglasses worn by Paul Weller