How much are designer sunglasses

How much are designer sunglasses?

Whether the word designer is used to describe sunglasses, shoes or handbags, you may automatically presume that these items are going to be much more expensive than their equivalents from high street brands – however this is not always the case. With designer sunglasses, we are firm believers that you are paying for the quality of the product, as well as a renowned designer brand name that you can trust!

If you’re a follower of fashion who wants to buy a new pair of sunglasses, you may think that a pair of designer sunnies might be out of your price range. However, here we take a look at the cost of some different styles from a couple of big designer sunglasses brands to show you how affordable they can be. The hardest part will certainly be deciding which ones to add to your sunglasses collection first!


Designer sunglasses for under £100

You might be surprised to learn that you can own a fabulous pair of designer sunglasses for less than £100 – yes, you read that right! Some designer sunglasses brands are much more affordable than you think – read on to see for yourself.

Calvin Klein

Who doesn’t love grabbing a bargain? When purchasing a pair of designer sunglasses, it’s always worth checking to see if any are in the sale. For example, on Designer Sunnies this pair of Calvin Klein CK1156s 046 are currently down from £72 to £28. With their stand out red frames, these sunglasses provide a cool look for women that is bound to create some attention – so make sure you grab them before they all go!

How much are designer sunglasses?Lacoste

Men don’t have to miss out when it comes to getting a great deal too! These Lacoste L126s 214 in Havana are down from £55 to £25 – proving that sometimes buying designer sunglasses really can be much more cost effective than you think!


The brightly coloured Valentino V627s 526 in fuchsia are the perfect pair of designer sunglasses for creating a bold statement. You’re guaranteed to get noticed when you wear this bold pair of sunglasses on your next shopping trip – all for just £97.

Polo Ralph Lauren

This pair of Polo Ralph Lauren PH4109 559087 designer sunglasses are just £100 – great value for a big name brand such as this. In a cool matte blue, this pair of stylish shades are bound to enhance any outfit!


Designer sunglasses for over £100

If you fancy treating yourself and spending slightly more than £100 on a pair of designer sunglasses, then the good news is that you still don’t have to break the bank – you can still bag a pair of fashionable designer sunglasses from a big name brand for much less than you may think!

Michael Kors

Who doesn’t wish that they had a pair of Michael Kors designer sunglasses as part of their sunglasses collection? If you’ve ever thought “how much are designer sunglasses?” then you’re in for a shock – because you can pick up a trendy black pair of MK2034 Island Tropics on Designer Sunnies for just £115!

Ray Ban

Love the look of the classic Wayfarer Ray Bans but think you’ll be eating beans for the next month if you buy them? At Designer Sunnies, we sell these iconic sunglasses for just £120, much less than the RRP of £161!

Tips for buying designer sunglassesPrada

Dream of owning a pair of Prada designer sunglasses? If you think this designer brand is out of your price range then you may be pleasantly surprised to learn than you can get your hands on a pair for next to nothing. Take these beautiful oversized pair in black for example – they are £130 instead of an RRP of £173 and are guaranteed to look great when you wear them by the pool on your next holiday!
Dolce and Gabbana

Think that a pair of Dolce and Gabbana designer sunglasses will come with a fairly hefty price tag? This pair of women’s DG2144 Sicilian Taste pilot sunglasses in cool silver and gold are £135 (RRP £173) – meaning that you can own your own piece of this legendary Italian fashion house for much less than you may have initially thought.


Tips for buying designer sunglasses

It’s no secret that designer sunglasses are one of the most counterfeited items in the world – and if you want to buy a pair, then you need to ensure that you are spending your hard earned cash on the genuine article. If you want to buy a pair of designer sunglasses, here are some tips to keep in mind to ensure that you don’t fall foul of the fakers:

  1. Always buy designer sunglasses from a reputable retailer
  2. Check the logo on the sunglasses – is it misspelled in any way?
  3. It’s also a good idea to check the model number/serial number (often found on one of the arms) with a pair on the designer’s website
  4. The quality of designer sunglasses should always be excellent – if they feel flimsy, or come in unbranded packaging, then this should start the alarm bells ringing!

Now that you’ve discovered how much designer sunglasses cost, if you feel inspired to own a pair of for yourself, then you have come to the right place. At Designer Sunnies we stock a wide range of designer sunglasses from a range of big name designer brands such as Ray Ban, Prada and Michael Kors. Visit our online sunglasses shop to buy a new pair for yourself today!

Are you thinking of buying a pair of designer sunglasses? Which designer brand and style has caught your eye? We’d love to know what you think, so make sure you share your thoughts by leaving a comment below!