Master of None

Master of None is a Netflix-original comedy series, by Aziz Ansari and Alan Yang. Ansari’s real-life experiences are also loosely inspiring the series. In the series, we follow the character of Dev (Aziz Ansari), a New York-based 30 year-old actor who is struggling to identify what he really wants, both personally and professionally. The main characters of Master of None include Dev’s best friend Arnold Baumheiser (Eric Wareheim). We also meet Dev’s lesbian friend Denise (Lena Waithe), Dev’s friend whose parents are Taiwanese immigrants Brian Chang (Kelvin Yu) and Dev’s romantic interests Rachel Silva and Francesca (Noël Wells and Alessandra Mastronardi). Interestingly, Ansari’s real-life parents Shoukath and Fatima also appear regularly, playing Dev’s parents. If it is well-known that Master of None features great fashion thanks to Dev’s excellent taste in clothes, it also features great TV sunglasses.

Some inspirations: New York and Italian Fashion

As the second season of Master of None has just been realeased on Netflix and is set partly in Italy, everyone is talking about the great fashion elements of the TV show. Indeed, Dev’s wardrobe on the first season relies a lot on Band of Outsiders shirts and Saint Laurent jackets. This is also reflecting Aziz Ansari’s personal taste in fashion. In season 2, Dev’s wardrobe becomes even more fancy and fashionable. He lives in Italy for a while, hosts a TV show and appears in shearling jackets and Italian linen trousers. The second season therefore looks like a tribute to Italian menswear designers. Indeed, Dev wears a lot of Italian designers’ clothes: Caruso, Isaia, Brunello Cucinelli and Zegna and Boglioli.

And, of course, all these great fashion elements could not have happened without Dana Covarrubias. She is designing the costumes for the show (and also worked on Louie and Broad City). She explained her inspirations: “We did a lot more Italian brands for Dev this season, because of course he’s in Italy. If the first season was more inspired by The Graduate, the second season — particularly the scenes set in Italy — felt more like Fellini.”

Fashion style in New York City


A bit more about the show and TV sunglasses

Showing a strong interest in fashion, Master of None also features quite a few designer sunglasses. Indeed, Dev is wearing the Ray-Ban 4147 Sunglasses in Master of None, season 2 episode 2. In season 1 episode 8, we can also see Dev with the black Ray-Ban 2140 Original Wayfarer Sunglasses. And Arnold also appears in great sunglasses, wearing black Diesel Translucent Sunglasses in season 1. Being elegant and fancy characters, they always aim for classic brands and black colours.

About the future of the series, Aziz Ansari declared: “I don’t know if we’re going to do a season three. I wouldn’t be surprised if I needed a looonng break before I could come back to it”. Indeed, season 3 could be challenging in terms of new ideas. He is writing mostly about his personal life as a single man in New York who loves food and drinking. He even admitted: “I’ve got to become a different guy before I write a third season, is my personal thought. I’ve got to get married or have a kid or something. I don’t have anything else to say about being a young guy being single in New York eating food around town all the time”.


Ray-Ban 4147 Sunglasses in Master of None


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