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Would you know how to Spot a pair of Fakes?

Designer sunglasses have become a popular fashion accessory among men and women. They are used for protecting the eye from harsh environments and UV rays, however, they have proven to be a great accessory that can complete any look, add appeal and add character to their wearer.

This has been fuelled by celebrities flaunting the latest and greatest sunglass brands such as Ray-Ban, Oakley, Armani, Hugo Boss, Revo, Persol and many more.

Thanks to this we are hooked in on finding the best designs to suit and complete our own individual style. But what happens when the designer sunglasses you have paid for look like they could be fake? Below we will help outline the main points on how to Spot Fake Sunglasses.


‘Spotting Fakes’ our useful guide!

Below we have a pair of fake Ray-Ban sunglasses. We will go through and help identify the issue with these sunglasses.

Model number – Ray-Ban RB3806

If you type this model number into the search on the offical Ray-Ban Website you will not be able to find any sunglasses that look like the images below. However if you type the same product number into google you will receive a whole bunch of links, for a few examples of links we have: ubuyglasses, 16dollarssunglasse, knockoffscheap and fakeglassesoutlet.


Spotting a Fake pair of Sunglasses is not that easy


Logos and Labels on fake sunglasses

Before you buy you should get to know your sunglasses logos and labels.  The luxury brands are consistent in how and where they display their crisp, identifiable logos, even if they vary from model to model. Legitimate logos are positioned on the arms, the lenses, inside the ear piece, or somewhere else on the glasses, and are always consistent. However there are some exceptions, but they are usually the same size, font, colours of exceedingly high quality.

The key is quality, consistency and authenticity.


Sunglasses are often not original


Good workmanship goes together with premium materials. If the glasses feel cheap or flimsy, they most likely are. Press slightly on the hinges and arms to check their quality and stability, and wear the glasses for a few minutes to gauge the lens clarity.

Illegal manufacturers use cut-rate lenses to cut costs meaning that the sunglasses you have bought to protect the one thing they are supposed to protect, don’t actually protect you at all, in fact they could do more damage to your eyes.  Checking the brands website for what materials they use can be a big help too. Let’s say you have just received your sunglasses and want to double check they are authentic so you head over to the designer brands website and the model you have states they have glass lenses but when you check yours they are plastic and very thin, this could mean that the sunglasses you just bought are fakes.


Spotting dodgy Model numbers

Model numbers are consistent worldwide no matter whether you purchase the sunglasses online or in a store. Go the manufacturer website to verify the model number of the sunglasses.

If you spot or suspect the glasses you’re about to purchase are imitations, check that the manufacturer makes the model number found on the glass frames. Copies and fakes tend to have bogus numbers that are NOT listed by the manufacturer. The model number is usually found on the frames of the glasses. If in doubt, check it out. There is nothing worse than spotting a fake pair of sunglasses and not questioning it!



No respectable luxury brand would package itself with an unmarked flimsy sheaths or insubstantial sleeves. The real thing will always come in well-constructed and well-marked packaging.  A label with a bar code and manufacturer information should be on the bottom of the box. The box or cases will likely to include authenticity certification, warranties, legitimate tags, well-written information cards, and durable casings included. You will even find extras, such as a microfiber cleaning cloth, velvet lined case. Occasionally, depending on who you buy from, some of the above are not included even though the glasses are legitimate. Just be wary if anything feels cheap, insubstantial, or is unmarked. It could very well be a fake.


Know the Lingo/ Language

Words like cosmetic, inspired by, replica, or like are often used in glasses’ descriptions to catch your attention, when they should alert you to a scammer alert. Knock-off low quality shades are notorious for shattering easily and providing absolutely no UV protection for your eyes. High quality premium sunglasses will have a UV protection sticker on the lenses which can easily be removed.

The main mistake is logo misspellings or variations, like Guci instead of Gucci, Rai-Ban or Ray-Berry instead of Ray-Ban or just being in the wrong place, are clear indications that something is not as it seems. Genuine markings are usually stamped or embossed inside the glasses’ arms and include some or all of the following:  frame size, colour, model number, and manufacturing location.

It is always best to fully know the quality of your chosen brand before purchasing.


Where They Have Been Manufactured

A little research into the location of the designer’s manufacturing facilities can go a long way to help prospective buyer avoid being scammed. The Far East is the heart and soul of counterfeit product manufacturing, but many designer sunglasses are made in other parts of the world. Find out where your glasses were manufactured. Study the packaging and fine print for this information and guarantee that you won’t be scammed.


The signs to look for on a pair of your new sunglasses


Quality and Craftsmanship

Top sunglass manufacturers pride themselves on high quality craftsmanship and charge accordingly. Usually, this is what you’re paying for. Make sure that the glasses are sturdy and durable.  Do they feel heavy in your hand?

The illegal sellers will use the terminology to protect themselves from a trademark violation. If you are a smart shopper you will pick up on this not so subtle tactic and avoid the disappointment.

Keep in mind that counterfeiting or fake has the potential to be dangerous to consumers, illegal, harmful to legitimate companies and you are funding criminal activity. Remember to follow all these points to find yourself a pair of luxury sunglasses that you can be proud of.

A few shots from a genuine pair of Ray-Ban Sunglasses:

Ray-Ban Collage